Black Lace Heart ♡

Hello Lovlies,

My heart is yet made of black lace, as metaphorically shown by my outfit.  Intricately woven in floral aray. Delicately intertwined around my fingertips.

This valentine’s day I celebrate the individual beauty of the untainted soul. The beauty of diversity that is created with every moments choices.  

Though delicate as rose petels she is strong as thorns and as complex as the ever changing sea. 

A force to be reconed with♡



Mermaid Dreams

Bamboo kimono thrifted for 78 cents! What a find

Glam vintage purse 4$
I named this guy Little Hair, these birds are so elegant
Making a kimono out of a shower curtain , stay tuned!

I hope to combine my whole life into a work of art. What is it that every action I do emits?

Ever wanting to grow, learn and develop. Into the masterpiece that I want to create. 

Slow down

Breath deeply 

I can hear the splashing water upon the wooden panels. The wind rustling through crisp leaves. Watching the sun dance upon the deep. 

As I find myself lost in poetic lullibys. I question what is important in life and listen to what the silence has to say. 

Decluttering the unsessesary chaos to make room for what is important.



Siren Song

Hello lovelies ♡

I have always been facinate by the misunderstood mythical creature that is the siren. People view these beautifully dangerous femme fatals as they are evil.  I on the other hand disagree. 

Part human, part bird, they lure men to their death and the depths of the sea. Yet I believe that they are just trapped in the fate of trying to love or loving yet always accidentally ending up in demise. 

A happily never after that is alluring and mysterious. What are your thoughts on this poem? I would love to be creatively inspired by you. 

Above is my artistic interpretation of this poem, drawn on a white long sleeve t-shirt.



Siren Song

This is the one song everyone 

would like to learn: the song 

that is irresistible: 

the song that forces men 

to leap overboard in squadrons 

even though they see the beached skulls 

the song nobody knows 

because anyone who has heard it 

is dead, and the others can’t remember. 

Shall I tell you the secret 

and if I do, will you get me 

out of this bird suit? 

I don’t enjoy it here 

squatting on this island 

looking picturesque and mythical 

with these two feathery maniacs, 

I don’t enjoy singing 

this trio, fatal and valuable. 

I will tell the secret to you, 

to you, only to you. 

Come closer. This song 

is a cry for help: Help me! 

Only you, only you can, 

you are unique 

at last. Alas 

it is a boring song 

but it works every time.